For the part several months that we been working on our project (Greek Mythology) at first it was difficult for me to understand the whole "gods/goddess)". Since this will be the last project we will be doing before second semester start, We will definitely do a great job on this project.

For the last project all we have to do is put everything together; we will be showing a short video which while the video is playing there are some words that will appear and while its playing we will be presenting/reading more information about each characters. At first it might be a bit confusing for the other students but they will get it eventually, it may or may not be "FUN" topic or shall I say other people will find boring like I did before but I started liking it before it is pretty interesting, I mean like they have powers that brothers and sisters can be married and have a child, therefore that's impossible to happen to us, and really awkward. But the video will tell more about it and the presentation will be doing. Since they have powers they can do several things such as getting married with your own siblings, they symbolizes animal, have weapons, and god of land, sky, ocean..etc. 
Our genius hour; from what I is, is that we are pretty much done, all we have to do is put everything together as well as the video and do some editing. Our Genius Hour are base on the 12 Olympians (the 12 Goddess). At the being of our presentation we are planning on showing the class a video about them such as what kind of power they have, what they can do, who rule who, and why people should or should not believe in them?. I'm not really surprise why other people don't believe in them because me, myself, at first didn't believe in them but after all the research we did I can finally believe that they accurate but honestly I'm still having trouble trying to learn everything about them but the more research I do the more it gets easier, I'm not saying that it would be an easy topic but I can tell you that you will learn something different (unique) but I just hope that you guys (teacher and classmate) that you will learn something new.

       My experience so far in this project is that the 12 Olympians still lived today and a lot of greek still believe that they still exist. I've learned so many things in this project somehow it helps me more of history times back in the thousand times, which I think is a good thing to research back from the olden days to experience more about them and other things that had happen. Although not a lot of people still believe in them because they think they don't exist that people just made it up, well no they do exist like "Jesus" he still exist when he rose from the dead after 3 days, so I believe that they still exist in this generation because their immortal. 

So far, my project about the 12 Olympians is about the 12 goddess who ruled some certain things such as sky, dead, underground, etc. I would like to learn more about them because this project got me interested about why this and that happened, like why do we have 12 Olympians for, what were their purpose for humans to know about them, what's so good about them? I have a lot more questions that I need to research on. At first I find this very boring to do because I don't really like doing a research on something that I don't enjoy doing but the more I force myself to do it the more I find it more interesting. I want other people to know about them or at least ask them if they do believe in them or do they exist? I know that their not probably going to interested when we present this because like I said I find it boring they might too but maybe not it depends on their point of view if they do like to know more about history.
My summary for my career is that for Early Childhood Education you will need to be responsible for your action around the kids, being able to guide them for the daily activities, field trips and special activities. Be more creative when it comes to activities because it provides opportunity for creative expression through the mediums of art, dramatic and music; Assess the development level of children. For Early Childhood there are level of children; birth till six years old are the youngest ones that they conduct and monitor activity programs for young children, prepare craft materials, eating, dressing, how to eat properly, and toilet habits. As in children need to be observe at anytime of any activities and also report observation to supervisors; discuss any progress of children. Early Childhood Education can be a full-time and a part-time job, any gender are required, must be graduated from high school with certificate or equivalents. Early Childhood Education qualified to work 18 and up. The salary for this job is min. hourly $17.80 - $18.00 for 40.0 hours per week, for starters the salary would be $14.25 for 40.0 hours per week. For some wages it takes up (Low $10.62, Median - $17.00, High - $23. 42). You can find this job anywhere, any websites, such as job list, craigslist, etc.. Early Childhood Education requires diploma or degree; First aid and Certificate. 

I am interested in learning/doing Early Childhood Education because I love working with kids and though I had experience it in the past year and working with the kids is all about being responsible, sociable, understandable, guide them and most importantly you need to be able to work with them and if any problem comes you are responsible in any of your action with the kids. One of the reason why I wanted this is because I want to career it with my mom, my decision haven't change since i was a little kid. I'm suitable for this career because I'm a responsible, trustworthy, caring, loving, enthusiastic, thoughtful, powerful, active, positive, cheerful, forgiving and a lot more. Also, according to my skills I am a quick learner, dependable, leader and more.

I am concerned about if my grades at school are required to my study of Early childhood Education. I'm not sure if I would pursue my career in the future because there are many things that needed to achieve before you actually get this job that you want, such as you need to have a first aid certificate and you need to study one year of training. In able to pursue my career I need to be able to study hard about whatever I need to do.
          For the Genius Hour, we picked the Greek Mythology because I find it very interesting to search up something that is been in a million of years. I’ve learned a lot of new things about the 12 goddess (The 12 Olympians); I’ve learned what power they have and who ruled the sky, water, underworld, and death…etc. What kind of god they are.  They are Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hestia but sometimes they include Hestia as one of the Olympians but because she gave up her seat as one of the 12 Olympians to Dionysus. By the end of the I really hoping that I would know everything, well the exactly everything but in details I wanted to know more about them in order for me to learned what I had to learn to teach other students on what I’m doing a research on. As of now I’ve already know what kind of God they were, who are good and bad, and what they can do that we “Human Beings” can’t back then in the millions of years. From this topic I think this will help me more on history and what people beliefs about the gods.

          As we all started on our research about our project, for me I used Wikipedia the most because it helps a lot and they have it detailed about Greek Mythology. But even though I visited other website to make use that they are all the same information or more detailed but I used Wikipedia as the more detailed one and have the information that I needed on my research.

I personally agree that distraction with electronics at school are the most distraction for the kids because they focus more on the electronics and not school work.

I disagree with the connection that teenagers have with drugs which can lead them to illness. The purpose of it is to be able to focus on school work but no matter what they do they wont success in the future. Electronics is one of the most important distraction in this generation now-a-days it is because the more kids have electronics such as; laptop, phones, iPods, iPads, games, and etc, the more they get distracted at school work which they wont be able to focus as much. Therefore depression and stress in or outside school can be a distraction as well therefore your brain thinks differently on school work and outside work. For example: you have two different world in and out, whether it's in or out you still have to focus in between. Also, it depends on the teacher you have cause some of the teacher are strict most likely because we have different personality and attitude towards others, therefore we all treat others differently in or out.

I strongly suggest that less electronics at school and other electronics should be taken away by the teacher before class. For example: during your elementary days your teacher is very "nice" she/he make "fun" stuff for you but right when you get to high school they make everything complicated like no fun stuff anymore and that kind of make the people less interested on school work, my point was that more fun work and less boring work so then they will have more interest on school work.


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